The Whitewater Rental Association exists to improve the Whitewater rental industry. To advocate for the property owners and managers and to build strong relationships with the community and university.

The association serves it members by;
  • Being a local and united voice for the concerns of landlords in the community and building strong community relationships.
  • Organizing landlord meetings and events providing networking opportunities.
  • Providing education for tenants/students and landlords.
  • Acting as a representative to the city of Whitewater as well as representatives on the state level for issues concerning rentals.
  • Advertising member landlords and property owners under a membership directory on Whitewater’s Largest housing guide.(exclusive to Whitewater Rental Association members only)
  • Online landlord feedback/mediation form sent to the landlord association on each property listing at To mediate problems with tenants to avoid legal proceedings. (exclusive to Whitewater Rental Association members only)
  • Membership Directory and Buyers’ Guide.
  • Informational website and an online presence.
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    Membership Fees

    Fee for annual membership.

    We have set the dues rate at $50.00 yearly to cover expenses for meetings, materials, website exposure for members, and legal fees.

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